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Take a journey to one of the most beautiful, fascinating and remote destinations in Botswana.

    You'll first come across thousands of bats hanging upside down from the cave walls. The most common species are the commerson's Leaf-nosed Bat - the largest insectivorous bat in Southern Africa, the tiny Dent's Horseshoe Bat and the Egyptian Slit-faced Bat. They are harmless, but as you approach, be prepared for a possible mass exodus-clouds of screeching, fleeing bats winging through the dusty darkness.

      Some caverns are up to 10 metres high, some are so tiny that one needs to squeeze, or crawl on the belly, to get through them; and some stalactites measure up to six metres in height, meeting their cousin stalagmites to form organic columns that seem to support the entire cave roof.

        To explore the caves you'll need several good torches, plus extra batteries and bulbs (a fail-safe emergency backup is essential, as there's no one here to help you), and perhaps a lighter or matches. If you bring a huge ball of string (you'll need about a kilometre for it to be much use!) then remember to collect it up again and take it away with you. Most of the caves are on one level, though there is a section, slightly nearer to the south entrance than the north, where several of the corridors split into two different levels, one raised several meters above the other.